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Manages the care of the patient following cardiac surgery under supervision
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ACC/AHH 2004 guideline update for coronary artery bypass graft surgery: summary article. A report of the American College of Cardiology/ American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines . J Am Coll Cardiol 2004; 44: 1146
Eagle, KA, Guyton, RA, Davidoff, R, et al.
Document / Report - practice guideline
Archived Articles for Archives of Internal Medicine Arch Intern Med
( Prophylactic Oral Amiodarone for the Prevention of Arrhythmias That Begin Early After Revascularization, Valve Replacement, or Repair ľ and other Archived articles)
Shiga, T, Wajima, Z, Inoue, T, Ogawa, R.
Document / Report - other
Mechanical Cardiac Support
Lynne Warner Stevenson, MD, FACC
Document / Report - position statement

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