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Domain 6 : Peri-operative care
Acutely ill patients may present with medical, or surgical problems, or both. The complications of critical illness do not respect speciality boundaries. Perioperative care requires multidisciplinary collaboration, and often provides opportunities for preventative intensive care.


By the end of specialist training, the trainee...

6.1 Manages the pre- and post-operative care of the high risk surgical patient
6.2 Manages the care of the patient following cardiac surgery under supervision
6.3 Manages the care of the patient following craniotomy under supervision
6.4 Manages the care of the patient following solid organ transplantation under supervision
6.5 Manages the pre- and post-operative care of the trauma patient under supervision

Features of competent performance

  • Attention to physiological optimisation and monitoring
  • Consider the surgical and anaesthetic procedure in relation to plan of management (including application of relevant protocols / guidelines / care bundles)
  • Awareness of main acute complications and their prevention / management
  • Attention to patient comfort
  • Effective team-working: collaboration, communication & continuity of care
  • Professional relationship with patient and relatives: communication; interpersonal skills.
  • Appropriate referral / consultation
  • Recognition of limitations (self and others)
  • Attention to patient safety


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