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Domain 10 : Transport
Critically ill patients may require intra- or inter-hospital transfer for clinical reasons. The principles are the same for both circumstances. Competence in aero-medical transfers is not a specific requirement though they may be used for competence acquisition and assessment if local circumstances permit. 


By the end of specialist training, the trainee...

10.1 Undertakes transport of the mechanically ventilated critically ill patient outside the ICU

Features of competent performance

  • Consider alternative modes and methods
  • Effective preparation: planning & communication tasks
  • Attention to safety: anticipation and minimisation of risks; prevention of adverse events; safe use of equipment
  • Maintains effective monitoring during transportation
  • Complications - prevention; identification; management
  • Continuance of care plans
  • Effective hand-over and documentation
  • Recognition of limitations (self and others)


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