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Introduction to Competencies

The CoBaTrICE competencies define the minimum standard of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for a doctor to be identified as a specialist in intensive care medicine (ICM). They have been developed with the intention of being internationally applicable but able to accommodate national practices and local constraints. They comprise 102 competence statements grouped into 12 domains.

Level of expertise and supervision

We have identified three level of expertise at which competencies may be acquired. Unless otherwise indicated, by the end of specialist training, competencies should be performed at a level of independent practice (this may include the capacity to supervise others or direct a team) with indirect supervision provided by a trainer. Where competencies refer to being performed 'under supervision' this implies direct supervision. The CoBaTrICE competencies indicate the minimum standard, and in many instances a higher level of expertise (i.e. a lower level of supervision) is both possible and appropriate.

Level of expertise & supervision: steps to independent ICM practice

CoBaTrICE Domains:

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