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The CoBaTrICE syllabus comprises the aggregate of all the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes required for each competence. In this section it is divided into 13 sections: 12 domains plus basic sciences. This format inevitably results in repetition with the same topic appearing in more than one domain and linked to multiple competencies. Similarly there is some cross-over between the knowledge and basic sciences, and knowledge and skills lists.

The syllabus required for each competence can be viewed by following the Syllabus links in the competencies section.

A PDF of each format of the complete syllabus is available to download at the end of this page.

The syllabus can be used by trainee's and trainer's to aid reflective learning, formal teaching and to guide some aspects of assessment. The syllabus is presented as tables to allow trainees to track the progression of their learning if they wish. It is not intended that these tables be used as checklists for the assessment of competence. No trainee can be expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of every single aspect of the syllabus.

Note that the "Resources" that are here included, have not been updated in the recent years. An updated collection of useful resources will be available soon as part of the ESICM Academy (for more details, see www.esicm.org).

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 Basic Sciences

Download Syllabus:


Short syllabus: Aggregate syllabus for each Domain
2.13 MB
Long syllabus: Syllabus for each competence
2.26 MB
Combined syllabus: Syllabus for each competence and aggregate for each Domain
2.74 MB

The syllabus is now also available in other languages, see here.

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